Prosvita and Authoririties on the Territory of Naddnipryanska Ukraine at the Beginning of the XX-th Century


  • The paper analyses the legislative basis of functioning, main activities and circumstances
    of closure of the All-Ukrainian Society “Prosvita” in Naddnipryanska Ukraine in 1905-1917.
    It was cleared up, that the possibility of the formation of such organizations was due to Tzar’s
    manifesto on October 17, 1905, which declared freedom of associations, and the decree of
    March 4, 1906 “On temporary rules of the Society and the Union”, which reveals the mechanism
    of operation of such associations. The main constituent document that stipulated the functioning
    of “Prosvita” was a statute that was officially approved by the Tzar’s administration. Having in
    mind the cultural and educational activities, in accordance with its statutory authority members
    were engaged in the enlightenment activity: opened Sunday schools and libraries, reading rooms,
    held public lectures, performances and concerts. Some “Prosvita” organizations tried to create
    chairs of Ukrainian Study and issued Ukrainian newspapers. In general, the activity of the
    “Prosvita” was held in accordance with the statutory regulations on the basis of official legislation
    and was peaceful. “Prosvita” raised the educational level of the population, paying special
    attention to residents of small villages and towns. However, even such activities the imperial
    authorities considered to be as anti-governmental. Under pressure of the punitive and repressive
    organs (searches, harassment leaders, etc.) organizations were closed.

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