№ ХVIII-ХІХ, 2012

KHOMYCH I.N. (Kyiv) Problems of Ukrainian archival science and education in modern archival historiography
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YEPIK L.I. (Sumy) Letters to I.Mazepa from K.Matsievich (1919-1920)
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VLASENKO V.M. (Sumy) Shevchenko Days of Ukrainian political immigration in Bulgaria during the period between the wars (on the issues of Paris weekly “Tryzub” (“Trident”)
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BURIM D.V. (Kyiv) From History of activity of the Union of Ukrainian Students’ “Osnova” in the High Technical School in Danzig in the 20s of the 20th century
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BAZHAN O.H. (Kyiv) Kharkiv region during the period of mass political repressions in 1937-1938
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ARTSIBASHEVA T.N. (Kursk, Russia) The Ukrainian Influence on the Church Art of the Kursk Region of the 17th-18th сenturies
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MAYDEBURA O.P. (Kherson) The early radio biological studies in Ukraine
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POBOZHIY S.I. (Sumy) Y.Brazol-Leontyeva and N.Sumtsov (From the history of art collections in the Sumy region)
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GLUSHAN O.V. (Kyiv) Problems of the theory of cooperation and the cooperative credit in scientific heritage of S.V.Borodaevsky
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MAGURCHAK A.M. (Kyiv) Coordinating and cultural inlightening work of Andry Zhuk in rows to Union of liberation of Ukraine: not popular pages
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GORBUNOVA G.A. (Kyiv) Alexander Sukhenko: the pages of life of the Ukrainian emigrants
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PARAKHINA M.B. (Kyiv) Bolshevik “theory of the struggle between two cultures” and historical realities 30-60-ies of XX century: evolution problems
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NESTERENKO V.A. (Sumy) The conditions for the Soviet partisan movement deployment in 1941 – the beginning of 1942
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GORBATYUK О.О. (Kyiv) Secondary school in Kyiv in the second half of 1940 years
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KOROL V.M. (Sumy) The number of students of Labour Reserves system schools of Lugansk region in the Recovery period (1943-1950)
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DIHTYARENKO A.V. (Kyiv) The Soviet state policy in the sphere of nature protection of UkrainianSSR in 1950 – in the early 1970s
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SAPHONOVA N.M. (Luhansk) Reforming the system of higher education in Ukraine (the 60-70-ties of the 20th century)
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KHARKOVSKYY R.G. (Luhansk) The Projects of the European Expansion to Egypt (XI-XVI cent.): the reasons and consequences
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MASHEVSKIY O.P. (Kyiv) German diplomacy during the Bosnian crisis of 1908-1909
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SMEKHOV V.M. (Sumy) Favourites. From the collection of Ukrainian Banking Academy of Ukrainian National Bank / Art Gallery “Academichna”; compiler S.I.Pobozhiy; responsible for publishing A.H.Yarova. – [Sumy, 2012]. – 58 p.
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MAGA I.M. (Kyiv) “Prague archive” as a part of archival Ukrainian studies (Notes from the presentation of T.H.Boriak’s book “Documentary heritage of Ukrainian immigration in Europe: Prague archive (1945-2010)”)
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VLASENKO V.M. (Sumy) International conference in Serbia
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KOLOMIYETS N.A. (Kyiv) Yaroslav Stepanovych Kalachura as a plowman of a historical field: jubilee context
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STARYKOV H.M. (Kyiv) Ihor Hyrych is 50
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