Documents of current Archive of National Union of Country learners of Ukraine as a source of learning the activities of the journal “Regional studies” (1993-2012)


  • Investigates history of functioning of “The Regional Studies” magazine in 1993-2012/ On
    the basis of this historiographical and source base and determine the factors that contributed to
    the revival of the magazine in 1993.
    Analyzed documentary heritage and semantic saturation of magazine “The Regional
    Studies”, the main character, and its problematic materials, authors, and editorial structure.
    Pointed the role of magazine as a focal center of Ukrainian regional studies, periodic
    professional center, the priority tasks, realization of projects in the field of protection the
    monuments and attractions, educational and research activities.
    Author first introduces the current circulation of documents from the Current Archive of
    National Union of Country learners, focuses on personalities of publishers, researchers,
    community leaders and philanthropists whose efforts ensured the journal.
    Defined the role and place of journal in social and cultural life of country, in a spiritual
    revival of Ukraine.

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