Relationship education and the civil state service in the Russian Empire first half XVIII century


  • This article examines the attempts of the government of the Russian Empire to establish
    the supply of professional officers in civilian government agencies that have been made against
    the background of the development of the education system in the first quarter of XVIII century.
    Government officials have tried to implement the specified purpose, first of all, through highschool
    and higher education, although this period is beginning to appear, and so-called special,
    just for future civil servants education. Embodiment of these goals prevented a number of
    problems: the imperfection of the system of education, class character of both education and
    the civil service of the state, to the idea of compulsory education nobles, etc.
    The emphasis is on the fact that for virtually all of XVIII century a special place in the
    field of education in the Russian Empire occupied the various religious schools – Academy
    Collegium Seminary (as others actually was not). And due to religious educational institutions
    in the public service in the XVIII century fall not only members of the nobility, but also people
    from other social classes, although this is happening against the wishes of the state.
    In fact, during the first half of the XVIII century. state reached a certain level of professionalism
    civilian officials in a certain degree. But the number of such officials still did not meet the needs of the
    state. The very same professional education is not reinforced by the previous total. Only at the end
    of the first half in XVIII. Some government officials are beginning to express the idea that up to a
    certain time, all need to be trained adding identical, is not ready for service.

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