• The centre for the southern region of Imperial Russia was Odessa. This city late XIX
    century acquired the status of the most developed in Imperial Russia. On the south of the state
    basis of forming of radiobiological researches was Novorossiysk University of Odessa. The
    Odessa scientists had close ties with the leading research centers in Europe.
    A month after the discovery of x-rays by Roentgen the professor of Novorosiysk
    university M.D. Pilchikov has repeated his experiments. In Novorossiysk University in 1896-1903 conducted the chemical investigation of uranium and thorium compounds under the
    guidance o f professor of chemistry P.G.Melikov, privat assistant of professor
    L.V.Pysarzhevskiy, professor S.Lordkipanidze. In parallel with physicists and physicians
    are interested in X-rays: P.O.Walther, B.F.Verigo , S.V.Levashov, K.M.Sapezhko,
    V.F.Yakubovich. The X-ray machines were quickly applied doctors. In 1900 in Novorosiysk
    University the medical faculty was opened. From the first days faculty held the
    radiobiological researches. Under the guidance of professor S.V.Levashov studied the
    dynamics of biochemical processes in the organism under the effect of x-rays. The founder
    of radiology and radiobiology in Odessa region was Yakov Moiseevich Rosenblat (1872-1928). Among his students were known radiologists and radiobiologists: F.Hrynfeld,
    O.Kalfa, I .Kalihman,V.Lev, S.Polyakov, S.Shulgin , Yi.Balaban, Ya.I.Kaminskiy,
    Yu.D.Duboviy. In 1931, in Odessa was organized X-Oncology research Institute. Under
    the guidance of M.M.Isachenko, S.O.Nikitin and E.P.Maksymchuk investigated the early
    X-ray reactions in different animal species.The development of radiobiological studies in
    southern Ukraine dates back to the Novorossiysk University of Odessa, at the department
    of physics, chemistry and medical department. The great influence on the development of
    radiobiological studies in Odessa had scientific schools of M.D.Pylchykov, Ya.M.Rosenblat,
    the radiobiological studies of Ya.I.Kaminskiy, Yu.D.Duboviy, and biological studies
    conducted in Odessa X-Oncology research Institute under the direction of M.M.Isachenko.

  • MAYDEBURA O.P. – National university of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine, Candidate of biological sciences, Associate Professor (Ukraine).