Materials for the study of life and work of an art historian. To the 150th anniversary of the birth of E.K. Redin


  • The article presents some letters of folklorist M. Sumtsova and art historians D. Aynalova
    and A. Mironov, in which the life and work of top art historian, professor of Kharkiv University
    E. Redin are highlighted .
    A follower of known scientist-visantinist N. Коndakov, “ Y.Redin together with other
    scientists assisted in institutionalizing and development of visantinistics in Russia and Ukraine.
    He attached many efforts to maintenance of sights of culture, studied Ukrainian antiquity. He
    participated in archaeological conventions and in creation of the Ethnographic museum at the
    Kharkiv University. Y.Redin is the author of over one hundred works, some of them did not
    lose the scientific value to this day.
    Acquaintance with D.Anailov, afterwards also a prominent scientist, outgrows in a long
    duration friendship. Together they began to work on diploma work, taking for a theme a research
    of mosaics and frescos of the Sofia cathedral in Kyiv. Being in Kyiv, Y.Redin and D.Anailov
    inspected a cathedral, collecting material for general work.
    In the letter of D.Anailov to М. Sumtzov it goes about the presentation of Y.Redin in the
    degree of doctor on the council-board of the Saint-Petersburg University.
    From the Letter of a privat-docent Moscow University Oleksij M. Mironov (1866-1929?)
    to М.Sumtzov we know about the research of German artist of epoch the Revival Albrecht
    Durer, written as dissertation on the degree of doctor of history of arts and it was sent to
    Y.Redin for an acquaintance.

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