XXVI, 2016

JAROSLAVS. KALAKURA (Kyiv) In the post-soviet archival ukraine: discommunisation and trends
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ANDRIY N. PELESHCHYSHYN, ТETIANA N. BILUSHCHAK (Lviv) Internet-sources as a means of information usage for information source specialist
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PRYN M. (Kyiv), PRYN O. (Kyiv), DEGTYAREV S. (Sumy) The correspondence between S.M. Kozhevnikov and J.P. den Hartog as a source for the study of scientific collaboration between the mechanicians (to the 110th anniversary of Sergei Kozhevnikov’s birth)
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NAIL’ M. VALEEV (Russian), IRINA V. KORNILOVA (Russian), TIMUR A. MAGSUMOV (Russian) Volga-Кama edge in modern historiography
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NATALIA A. NIMENKO (Sumy) The problems of protection the cult constructions in the 20-ies of the xx-th century (on the example of the intercession church in Poltava)
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IRYNA S. MIRONOVA (Mykolaiv) Roma in Ukraine: policy translated into a settled life (1920-1950th)
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ALLA G.YAROVA (Sumy) Pobozhiy S.I. Value and price of art: A collection of articles. – Sumy: University book, 2016. – 159 p.; ill.
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