VASYL О. BALUKH, OLEKSII  V . BALUKH (Chernivtsi) Reformation and tolerance: common ground
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MYKOLA O. KLOCHKO, ANATOLIY V. GONCHARENKO (Sumy) The China in the international relations of the Russian Empire in the 90’s XIX – early XX century: colonial project “Zheltorossia”
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MICHAL  ŠMIGEL (Slovakia), V YACHESLAV I. MENKOVSKIY (Belarus) Refugees from Еastern Еurope in Сzechoslovakia after the First World War
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МARINA O. GERASKO (Baturyn) Architecture of Baturyn government buildings of ХVII century
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LESIA G. SOSURA (Kyiv) Foundations and principels of М. Drahomanov in the circle of community (1859-1875)
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ANASTASIIA O. BOZHENKO (Kharkiv) The modern city of the second half of XIX – early XX as unite of center and periphery (on example of Kharkiv)
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VITALIY O. KHOMENKO (Kyiv) Between the society of Ukrainian progressists and the Ukrainian socialists-revolutionary party: Mykhailo Hrushevskyi’s political choice
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OLGA M. BILOBROVETS (Zhytomyr) The Act of declaration of the Kingdom of Poland on the november 5th, 1916 in the Polish public opinion in Ukraine
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VIKTORIIA V. MYKHTUNENKO (Chernihiv) Criticism of Russia’s opposotion parties in the works of I. Hurliand (N.Vasilev)
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