The Documents of the State Archives of Sumy Region about Ukranization of the Soviet Staff at the 20 years of the 20th Century


  • The author of the article gives the documents which weren’t published earlier. These
    documents show practical directions of translation into Ukrainian language the activity of the
    Soviet staff (machinery) in Ukraine at the beginning of the 20th century. The materials from the
    archives notice about strengthening of attention to preparing, up-bringing and putting out the
    staff of the native nationality into the staff of the party and state bodies, bringing teaching of the
    Ukrainian language at schools, organization of cultural – educational establishments, publication
    of books, newspapers and magazines in Ukrainian language and the language of the national
    minorities. In fact, it was a complex program in fundamental teaching of Ukrainian language,
    learning Ukrainian literature, history and geography. Some months’ courses for learning Ukrainian
    language and Ukraine’s Studies were created for state personalities. Sometimes these courses
    existed formally, though their visitors could be discharged from their working places in case of
    failing this exam. At the beginning of such courses many party and economic employees attend
    them only sometimes. As a rule, they communicated among themselves in Russian or in mixture
    of Ukrainian and Russian languages. Their reports also were not given in Ukrainian.
    Nevertheless strong and persistent policy in the sphere of language gave its certain positive
    results. The documents say that at the beginning of 1929 Ukrainian language confirmed its
    position in all spheres of public life in Ukraine.

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