Scientific and practical experience of architectural heritage restoring in the focus of the Ukrainian researchers

Korol V.M.



Abstract.  Monograph review: Construction and Restoration of Orthodox Churches: monograph / under the general editorship of V. Lykhohrai. Kharkiv: Rarities of Ukraine, 2019. 204 p.

The modern restoration process of ancient sacred buildings requires thorough research aimed at analysing the architectural and structural solutions of Orthodox temples and their connection with the canonical requirements of the Church, identifying historical methods of construction and creating characteristics for the specifics of repair and restoration work. One of such demanded scientific works was recently published. This is a monograph “Construction and restoration of Orthodox Churches”, authored by Kharkiv researchers Dmytro Honcharenko, Serhii Yevel, Oleksandr Kharchenko and Pavlo Chechelnytskyi, as well as Viktoriia Lykhohrai, who also was responsible for the general editing of the publication.

Keywords: history of architecture, Orthodox churches, restoration.