Rebellion. Regional Dimension Review of Yuriy Kotlyar’s monograph “Peasant Rebellion in the Mykolaiv region (1918-1921)”

Degtyarev S.I.



Abstract. Monograph review: Kotlyar Yu. Peasant Rebellion in the Mykolaiv region (1918-1921). Mykolayiv, 2021. 124 p. (MSGU Historical Library).

On the basis of archival documents, the monograph that is included to the series of books “Historical Library of MSHU” examines the peasant insurgent movement in the Mykolaiv region in 1918–1921. Anti-Hetman, anti-Bolshevik, anti-Denikin and anti-Communist uprisings are analyzed; peasant formations of the state type are studied (the Husbandry Republic of Vradiivka, the People’s Republic of Vysunsk and the Bashtanka Republic); activities of atamans Lykho and Yu. Tiutiunnyk on the territory of the Mykolaiv region is highlighted. The book is written for scientists, teachers, local historians, students and anyone interested in the history of the native land.

Keywords: peasantry, insurgent movement, Mykolayiv region, peasant republics, atamans.