№ ХІІ-ХІІІ, 2011

PAPAKIN G.V. (Kyiv) Features hermeneutic analysis of the sources on the history of the OUN and UPA

ROGOZOVSKAJA A.V., ROMANYUK I.M. (Vinnitza) Historiography of the history of medieval Podolia

LUNYAK Y.М. (Kyiv) Works by Pierre Chevalier a first research on the history of Khmelnytsky Uprising in France

LOBKO N.V. (Sumy) Proceedings of All-Russian Census: Information capacity and features of use in genealogical research

DEHTYARYOV S.I., TIUTIUNNIK V.V. (Sumy) Property Documents Razumovsky family (according to the State Archives of Sumy region)

LEMISH N.O. (Konotop) “Raport” as the main type of records of administrative offices of Left Bank Ukraine first half of the ХІХ c. (based on the funds the State Archives of Chernihiv Oblast)

POBOZHIY S.I. (Sumy) M.Nesterov and Sumy region. On the iconography and style of chuch painting artist for the Trinity Cathedral

VLASENKO V.M., POBOZHIY S.I. (Kyiv-Sumy) To the biography of Stepan Fedorovich Kolesnikov (on materials of the Archive of Yugoslavia)

PARKHOMENKO V.А. (Nikolaev) The military policy of the Ukrainian Central Rada: the eyes of her contemporaries

STARIKOV G.M. (Kyiv) Draft of a paper by Dmitry Bagaleya

BAZHAN O.G. (Kyiv) From the Petro Shelest Political Biography

POTAPENKO S.P. (Kyiv) A remark to the history of Sloboda Ukraine chancelleries of the second half of 18th century (concerning clerks and their fortune afte 1765th)

ZEMSKIY YU.S. (Kyiv) Nationalisation of the Consciousness of the Russian Public in the Middle XIXth Century: Autocratic and Civil Aspect

KLYUEVA O.O. (Sumy) The biography of Taras Shevchenko (according to the State Archives of Sumy region)

SOROKINA L.F. (Sumy) Outstanding scholar-forester (for the 150 th anniversary of V.D.Ogievskogo)

GLUSHAN O.V. (Kyiv) Formation of person S.V.Borodaevsky: children’s and youthful years

KUDINOV D.V. (Sumy) Labour strikes of the Sumy line of the Nikolaev-Khar’kov railway in 1905

FEDOROVA L.D. (Kyiv) Installation of monuments in honor of famous historical figures of Ukraine Kyiv department of the Russian Military-Historical Society

PETRENKO I.D. (Kirovograd) Some aspects of activity of authorized people of the Ministry of Supply of the USSR in Kirovograd region from 1944 till 1946 and their consequences

CAPTAIN L.I. (Mukachevo) Scientific and pedagogical intelligentsia Transcarpathia postwar period: the political and administrative pressure the authorities as an element of national policy in a “Sovietization”

KASHUBA O.V. (Kyiv) Education Censorship of the Main Directorate for the Protection of State Secrets in the Press Council of Ministers of USSR

KHMULYAK M.V. (Kyiv) The British-American conflict in Iraq caused by G.Brown government’s policy

ARTSIBASHEVA T.N. (Kursk, Russia) Monasteries of north-eastern Ukraine

DIANOVA N.N. (Odessa) Role of archbishop Inokentiy (Borisov) in revival Orthodox relics of Crimea

PYLYPIV І.V. (Ivano-Frankivsk) Activities of Bishops of the Stanislav Eparchy of UGCC to organize and develop a seminary in 1907-1945

S.P. (Sumy) General Memories

KORNIENKO O.M. (Sumy) Insurgency 20’s – 30’s of the twentieth century in Sumy region: Vol.1. / author-compiler: Ivanushchenko G.M. – Sumy: FOP Nataluha AS, 2011. – 340 pages.: ill.

VLASENKO V.M. (Kyiv) Yakimova Antonina. Ukrainian in Bulgaria: the philosophy of historical existence. – Sofia, 2011. – 100 p.

STARIKOV G.M. (Kyiv) Academy of memory Yaroslav Dashkevich (25.02.2011)

HONCHAROVA I.Y. (Sumy) Chronicles the life of the State Archives of Sumy region