№ VIII-IX, 2010

PAPAKIN H.V. (Kyiv) Ukrainian liberation movement during the period of World War II: specific character of the source base

RAZDORSKY A.I. (Sankt-Peterburg, Russia) The books of customs and potatory duties in the towns of Lebedyn and Myropilya (ХVІІ century)

DEHTYARYOV S.I. (Sumy) Little known description of the town of Baturin (1760)

BOBROVA M.I. (Kharkiv) E.I.Stanevych’s (1775-1835) private library located in the fund of Central Scientific Library of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

HONCHARENKO A.V. (Luhansk) Formation of the Russian program for settling “the Eastern question” (March-April 1876): on the basis of the documents from the Archive of the foreign policy of Russian Empire

POBOZHIY S.I. (Sumy) “In order to take steps for preserving ancient monuments and pieces of art” (A report on the trip to Lebedynsky uyezd by the art historian D.Hordeyev)

VLASENKO V.M., GLUSHAN O.V. (Kyiv) To the history of the Ukrainian University Group for the League of Nations

BAZHAN O.H., ZOLOTARYOV V.A. (Kyiv) Litlle-known sources for the history of “Great Terror”

KOROL V.M. (Sumy) Newspaper Sums’kyi Visnyk as an instument of indocrination of the population during the German occupation (1941-1943)

PESCHANY O.O. (Kyiv) Ukrainian-Austrian relations during the period of the 90-s of the XX century covered on the pages of “SUFA Proceedings” and “Austrian-Ukrainian Review”

PISKUN V.M. (Kyiv) “Politics is for compatriots, but, it seems to me, culture and literature is necessary first of all” (Letters by Borys Lazarevsky to Mykyta Shapovalov)

ARTYUKH V.O., SADOVNYCHY V.O. (Sumy) “Penitential letter” by the poet Mykola Danko

DUBROVINSKY S.B. (Tashkent) Recollections about other scientists of domestic microbiology and epidemiology: D.K.Zabolotny, M.A.Morozov, I.S.Zlatogorov and L.V.Gromashevsky

VASYLYEV K.K. (Sumy) Recollections of S.B.Dubrovinsky (1885-1975) about microbiologists and epidemiologists: academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and president of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences D.K.Zabolotny, corresponding-member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR S.I.Zlatogorov, academicians of Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR M.A.Morozov and L.V.Gromashevsky

LOBKO N.V. (Sumy) From history of introduction of metric books on the Ukrainian earths

KAPLIN O.D., MATVEYENKO M.P. (Kharkiv) Kharkiv eparchy in the environment of revolutionary events in 1917

SAMSONOVA I.V. (Sumy) The relationship between public executive committees and Soviets of workers’, solders’ and peasants’ deputies by the example of Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Poltava provinces

KOZHEVNIKOVA A.A. (Sumy) The type of a creative personality within A.P.Chekhov’s interpretation (confined to the 150th anniversary of the writer’s birth)

ROMANYUK I.M., SMIRNOV M.A. (Vinnitza) The town of Brayiliv during the period of Ukrainian revolution (1917-1920)

IVANUSHCHENKO Н.М. (Sumy) A special commandant (to the biography of Mykhaylo Kovenko)

GLUSHAN O.V. (Kyiv) S.V.Borodaevsky is the professor of co-operation of the Ukrainian emigratory higher educational institutions

DUBYK M.H. (Kyiv) German enterprises on the occupied territory of Ukraine (1941-1944)

PROKHORENKO O.A. (Kyiv) The features and peculiarities of day-to-day life of scientific-pedagogical intelligence during the period of 40-50s of XX century

VLASENKO V.M. Atamanenko Alla. Ukrainian historical association: ideas, figures, activity / National University “Ostroh Academy”, Institute of Ukrainian Diaspora studies, Ukrainian Scientific Society. – Ostroh: National University “Ostroh Academy” publishing house, 2010. – 672 pages

DMYTRUK V.I. (Kyiv) Grand plenary session devoted to 85th anniversary of National association of local lore scientists of Ukraine

SMEKHOV V.M. (Kyiv) Shevchenkiniana of Ukrainian immigration

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