№ XVI-XVII, 2012

LEVCHENKO L.L. (Mikolaiv) Paul Lewinson and development of sampling methods in the USA
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MATYASH I.B. (Kyiv) Ruslan Pyrig: certain biographical features of archivist
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VLASENKO V.M. (Kyiv) “A person can’t be a Ukrainian if he is not an independence supporter” (The theme of the little Motherland in the correspondence by V.Filonovych)
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YAKIMOVA A.М. (Sofіya, Bolgarіya) Correspondence of Аlexander Shulgin with Shyshmanof’s family in the years 1922-1932 (by materials Scientific Archive of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
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YATSENKO V.B. (Kyiv) Covering the participation of Zaporizhyan Cossacks in the antimoscow uprising led by I.Mazepa within the studies by T.Tairova-Yakovleva
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LOBKO N.V. (Sumy) Particular the use of metric books churches during genealogical research
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KUDINOV D.V. (Kyiv) Cultural, geographical and historical researches on the peasants movement in Sumy region during the First Russian Revolution
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PARKHOMENKO V.A. (Mikolaiv) Formation of the Directory and antihetman revolt (November-December, 1918): on materials memoirs
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BAZHAN O.H. (Kyiv) A point of view from Kharkiv. The social and political life in the Ukrainian SSR in the middle of 1930s from the German diplomats’ standpoint
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BURIM D.V. (Kyiv) The activity of the Ukrainian Society of aid to refugees in Germany. According to the materials of the Archives of the Federal Land of Berlin (Germany, Berlin)
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KOROL V.M. (Sumy) The Labour Reserve system of the first postwar decade in oral history of Sumy land
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KHLYNINA T.P. (Rostov-na-Donu) The space of daily life the soviet men in 1920-1930s: bodies, social functions, practices of mastering
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KRINKO E.F. (Rostov-na-Donu) The rationing and regulation of consumption soviet citizens in 1941-1945

YURCHENKO A.V. (Kharkіv) About the issue on burial complexes in the settlements of Saltovska culture (a forest-steppe variant)

BONDAR О.М. (Chernihiv) Fortification of chronicle Lystven in evolution of the fortification of the Ancient Rus

KRAVCHENKO О.М. (Chernihiv) Caves and cave monasteries of the second half of the XVII – XVIII cent.

HYRYCH Y.B. (Kyiv) Ukrainian language as the fundamental value for the national liberation movement in the second half of ХІХ – the beginning of ХХ centuries

HUMENYK I.P. (Vіnnitsya) Building, functioning and development of railway knot of Kazatin in the second half part ХІХ cent.

POBOZHIY S.I. (Sumy) Drawings by Valentin Serov made in Akhtyrka (to the 100th anniversary of the death of Valentine Serov)

ZНМАКА V.M. (Sumy) The foundation of soviet legislation in respect of activity of town council in 20th years of XXth century

VOVK O.V. (Sumy) Repressions against intelligentsia in Sumy region in 20-30th of XX century

KOMLYKOVA H.I. (Kyiv) Agricultural research establishments in Sumy region during the german occupation period (1941-1943)

LYCHKO S.О. (Luhansk) German colonial movement in the years 1894-1904 and its impact on the colonial policy of Wilhelm II

DEGTYAREV S.I. (Kyiv) Parkhomenko V.A. The war has a forgotten face… Little known pages of World War I / V.A.Parhomenko. – Nikolayev: NNU named after V.A.Sukhomlinskiy, 2011. – 180 p.

NESTERENKO V.A. (Sumy) Karel Berkhoff. Harvest of Despair: Life and Death in Ukraine Under Nazi Rule / Berkhoff Karel. – Kyiv: Krytyka, 2011. – 455 p.

STARYKOV H.M. (Kyiv) Hyrych Ihor. Historical reasons for our victories and defeats. – Lviv: LA “Piramida”, 2011. – 142 p.

AKICHEV SH.M. (Konotop) The second Konotop readings

TYKHENKO S.V. (Sumy) Sumy historical-archival journal in the Academy

STARYKOV H.M. (Kyiv) The chronicle of the scientific life