№ XXV, 2015

KUDINOV D. (Kyiv) Strike Movement of Ukrainian Peasantry at the Beginning of the 20th century: Historiographical Review
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DANYLENKO S. (Kyiv) “Tax system” and “tax policy” in Ukrainian SSR in 1920s.: historiographical and methodological discourses
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PRYN M. (Kyiv), PRYN O. (Kyiv), DEGTYAREV S. (Sumy) Correspondence Between the Academician Evgeny Fedorov and Tsou Yi-Hsin: Materials to the Historyof Latitude Investigations
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VASYLYEV K.K. (Odesa), VІKSNA A.DEGTYAREV S.I. (Latvia) The Ukrainian Poet K. Bililovsky as a Doctor
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VLASENKO V. (Sumy) Conservative Hetman Environment of the Interwar Ukrainian Emigration in the Southest Europe (1918-1939)
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ILNYTSKY  V. (Drohobych) On the Number of Insurgents in Military District-4 “Hoverla” (1944-1949)
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BODNARIUK B. (Chernivtsi) Formation Characteristics and Traditions in Literature Byzantium IV – First Half of V Centuries
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