№XXI, 2013

KAVUN A.A., MAGAS V.O. (Zhytomyr) Prosvita and Authoririties on the Territory of Naddnipryanska Ukraine at the Beginning of the XX-th Century
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FOMSKA S.M. (Chernihiv) Theatre Activity of Community “Prosvita” in Chernihiv Province in 1906-1918 years
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KAGALNA M.V. (Kyiv) Communal Services Providing of Teachers in the Second Part of the 1950s – in the First Part of the 1960s
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BODNARYUK B., SANDULYAK I. (Chernivtsi) Formation of Latin literature in Italy in the Early Middle Ages (VI-X century) (the end of article)
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KYRYCHENKO O.B. (Kharkiv) Nicholas II and Russian-Japanese Relations in 1894-1904
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OLITSKYY V.O. (Sumy) Attempt of Officers of Sumy Hussar Regiment to Release Family Emperor Nicholas II From Imprisonment in Tobolsk, December 1917 – February 1918
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POBOZHIY S.I. (Sumy) Materials For the Study of Life and Work of an Art Historian. To the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of E.K.Redin
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BURIM D.V. (Kyiv) From History of Activity of the Union of Ukrainian Students’ “Osnova” in the High Technical School in Danzig in the 20s of the 20th Century (the end of article)
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OPANASCHUK P.V. (Zhytomyr) Kudinov D.V. The Sumy Liberals in the Russian Liberation Movement, 1901-1906: Regional Dimension: Monograph / D.V.Kudinov. – Sumy: Printing House “Papyrus”, 2013. – 160 p.
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DEGTYAREV S.I. (Kyiv) VI Volyn All Ukrainian History and Local Lore Conference
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BERSHADSKAYA O.V. (Moscow) Social Processes in the Territory of the Resort-City of Sochi in Contemporary History: A Historiographical Survey

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