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Scientists are still not investigated the biographies of many figures of the past. They are using their knowledge and work have made great contribution to the development of different branches of science, culture, political and social thought. The merits of many of these people were highly appreciated by his contemporaries, they made a successful career. But many of them were unjustly deleted from history. This paper describes the little-known pages of biographies of Vianor and Adrian Frankowski, who were brothers. Vianor Frankowskiy – researcher, section chief of chemical and physico-chemical researches of the Kiev Institute Science and Forensic Expertise. He was born in the Kiev province (hubernia) in 1889. He received a good education in physics and mathematics faculty at the Kiev University named after St. Volodymyr. Career of Vianor Frankowskiy started around 1918 in the Cabinet of scientific and forensic expertise in Kiev. Adrian Frankowskiy – famous writer and translator of literary works of Western European classics. He was born in 1888, like his brother, in the Kiev province. He graduated from the historical and philological faculty of St. Petersburg University. He taught at secondary schools in St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg Pedagogical Institute. Later he became known for his translations of D.Svift, G.Filding, L.Stern, D.Defo, Diderot, R.Rollan, Andre Gide, M.Proust. It is known that the most active period of life of Vianor and Adrian Frankowski came in the 1920-1930’s. The main sources that were used for the study were the little-known archival materials. But still remains a lot of unknown facts from the biography of these two figures.[/restab]

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DEGTYAREV S.I. – Sumу State Univers, PhD (History), Assosiate Professor (Ukraine)

FEDCHYSHYNA V.V. –  Kiyv Research Institute of Forensic Science, PhD (Economics) (Ukraine)

FORIS Yu.B. – Kiyv Research Institute of Forensic Science, Research Associate (Ukraine).[/restab]

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