Communal services providing of teachers in the second part of the 1950s – in the first part of the 1960s


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In this article based on the archive documents the author exposes the problem of providing
teachers of the USSR with the communal services – the dwelling, the flat account, heating and
lighting in the second part of the 1950s – in the first part of the 1960s. Accordingly to the
government decisions teachers took the privileged status in the society. In contrast to the other
categories of the population, to the teachers it was guaranteed the free of charge fuel and
lighting. And for the teachers in the country locality it was also for seeded the full payment for
the rent dwelling. In the article the author pays the special attention on the defects that were
with the rent of dwellings, supplying coal, gas, electricity and kerosene. So because of the
limiting the state allocation the teachers had to pay the rest for the living in the rent flats. Since,
the standard of the provided coal for the teachers was given not timely, of the low quality and
in the not enough quantity so it was enough only for the third part of the heating season. Also
the norm of kerosene and cash payment for the electricity did not give necessary lighting for the
teachers’ flats. Besides the teachers met the willfulness of the local power that decreased
the norms of the fuel and kerosene by themselves. The author draw a conclusion, that all
those factors caused only to the partly satisfying of the teachers’ communal needs. As a
result, they had to waste nearly 20-24% of the year earnings to pay for dwelling, heating
and lighting every year. In consideration, the fact is that for the most teachers their salary
was the only source of incomes, so expenses to the communal services had the negative influence
on their financial condition.[/restab]

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