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This article presents the historical reconstruction of events that led to intensive
development of photovoltaics in the 50-ies years of the twentieth century. Experimental
and theoretical research in the field of photovoltaic cells to 50-ies years of the twentieth
century were analyzed. The role of Edmund Becquerel, Willoughby Smith, William Adams,
Richard Day, Charles Frittz, Albert Einstein in the development of physical principles of
photovoltaic cells was determined. It was shown that up to 50 years of the twentieth century
the development Photovoltaics had a significant impact on the industry as the effectiveness
of existing at the time of photovoltaic cells not allow them to compete with electric generators.
The objective conditions of photovoltaics were advances in the development of silicon
transistors, the industry needs to create autonomous energy sources and a broad
interdisciplinary cooperation in scientific research. Perseverance, hard work, courage and
unselfish sscientific mutual prominent researchers Kevin Fuller, Gerald Pearson and Daryl
Chapin are subjective conditions of rapid development photovoltaic. These scientists have
withstood the attacks of competitors, disbelief own leadership through effective marketing
and development to ensure its implementation and further development of the industry.
They developed of the new physical approaches to optimize structural and technological
solutions of the efficient photovoltaic cells on the silicon base. Objective and subjective
preconditions led to a significant increase in the efficiency of photovoltaic cells on the
silicon base compared with existing industrial analogues on the selenium base. It is possible
to use photovoltaic cells as energy spacecraft and organize industrial production.
Organization of stimulated further improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells and the
search for new fields of application.[/restab]

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KHRYPUNOV G.S. – Doctor of Science, Professor, Head of the Department materials for Electronics and Solar Cells” of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (Ukraine)

KHRYPUNOVA  A.L. – Ph.D., Senior research at the department “Industrial and biomedical electronics” of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (Ukraine).[/restab]

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