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The article describes the history of emergence of “ispovednye vedomosti” churches on the territory of Ukraine, finds out explores their information potential and peculiarities of using them in genealogical researches. “Ispovednye vedomosti” (confessional registers, confessional lists) are annual registers of the names of the parishioners who confessed to a parson. The author explores the information resources of the confession books and general limits to take into account white working with them. Along with legislative base of the emergence of confession books, the special features of the realization of the law in daily life as well as the change of the form of the source since the XVII century to the XIX century are retraced. “Ispovednye vedomosti” were made up once a year in duplicate: a church copy and a consistory one. Due to its systematic, regular keeping, mass character of coverage of the society they are an important source for reconstruction of pedigrees of all the segments of the population. With their help it is possible to know out a family composition, the name, patronymic and surname (if it was designated), age of each member and relations inside the family. The lack of a large time gap allows with their help to determine the time of the marriage, the time of the death and also the quantity of born and deceased children during the period under study. The author considers that “ispovednye vedomosti” must be applied first of all when there is not enough initial data to begin a genealogical research, that is exact dates of birth and names of the subject of the search are not know. This document is convenient to use in the case when the bloodline counts considerable number of representatives and has got numerous branching. The information potential of “ispovednye vedomosti” gives an opportunity to research study pedigrees of representatives of all social classes.[/restab]

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LOBKO N.V. – Sumy State University, PhD (History), Assistant Professor (Ukraine).[/restab]

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