Correspondence Between the Academician Evgeny Fedorov and Tsou Yi-Hsin: Materials to the Historyof Latitude Investigations


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Setting a high value on such component of historical studies as the history of science the
authors refer to the history of astronomical surveys development. In current paper special
attention is given to the establishment and development of scientific institutions in the sphere of
latitude observations. Particularly, the activity of Poltava Gravimetric Observatory, which was
established in 1926 and played a role of fundamental gravimetric post connected to the world
gravimetric network, is covered separately.
The correspondence between astronomical scientists could be used as a valuable source
for studying latitude investigations in the 20s century. In this work we present the texts of nine
letter written in English, which are a part of correspondence between Ukrainian Soviet
astronomical scientist E.P. Fedorov and Chinese scientist Tsou Yi-Hsin. The correspondence
took place from 1957 to 1965 and ended up with the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in
China in 1966-1976. Letters presented in the article contain information concerning the training
of Chinese astronomers in the Soviet Union and establishment of latitude observations in China.[/restab]

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PRYN M.O. – Ph.D., Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (Ukraine)

PRYN O.V. – Ph.D., Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (Ukraine)

DEGTYAREV S.I. – Dr, Assosiate Professor, Sumy State University.[/restab]

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