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In the article examines the French Mediterranean policy of the rulling circles in the
XVII, in particular, the place and importance in its development finance minister of Louis
XIV, Jean-Baptiste Colbert (1619-1683). Drawing on a broad base of sources, including
official correspondence, memorands, the author analyzes the factors in the genesis of the
foreign in colonial form of interaction between the French ruling circles with the
Mediterranean Maghreb. On a moment, when Colbert concentrated state affairs in the
hands, Mediterranean politics of France had deep historical roots. Her sources are in an
epoch cross hikes, agreements between France and Turkey and other important events of
the examined period. Becoming of the national state and realization of own national
priorities, as is generally known, showed up in the serious crisis of the christian world.
Brilliant diplomacy of cardinal Richelieu in Europe showed birth of principle of “state
interest” in international politics, being higher than dynastic and religious values. Certainly,
these changes were reflected in Mediterranean politics of France at J.-B. Colbert. It is
possible to assert that Colbert complemented colonial conception of Richelieu, putting at
the first place commercial benefits from colonization. Nevertheless, in the Mediterranean
region a situation was often determined by a competition between France and other European
countries, priority value of European policy for France.
Drawn conclusion about expedience of peacekeeping for frenchmen with state formations
of North Africa in an examined period. Colbert aimed to agree with them, counteracting to the
analogical attempts of englishmen in Таnger. However Colbert could conduct colonization of
region, as the states of North Africa applied on an independent role in a voice process.In these
terms for frenchmen the question was only about trade contacts with North Africa. However in
consciousness of the French statesmen existence of colonies had to reflect interests of metropolis.
The states of North Africa could not accept such terms and exactly from here frequent soldiery
conflicts take an origin between France and NorthAfrican states. In turn, priority of European
policy for French king yet more complicated the process of realization of Mediterranean policy
of Colbert force to defend her necessity for unfavorable terms.[/restab]

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SARANOV S.V. – Luhansk regional institute of pedagogical education, PhD (History) (Ukraine).[/restab]

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