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The review of the most significant intellectual achievements of the Russian
historians in the field of historical study of local lore, regional and local history of VolgaKama edge of the beginning of the XXI century became the purpose of work.
Methodology of carrying out work. Historical researches of local historians are
analyzed in a historical and genetic key using historical and comparative method at
domination in the historiographic analysis of a method of integrity and obligatory
orientation to valuable approach at the strict accounting of interdisciplinarity of the studied
problem. Results of research are structured in a problem and chronological order.
Results. In this article the attention is focused on more and more increasing role in
the last two decades of a regional historiography, including the researches of scientists
and local historians of Volga-Kama edge. A number of undoubted achievements and success
in development of scientific and organizational and local history work in studying of the
historical past, cultural life and daily occurrence of the Russian province is noted that
testifies to the beginning of a new stage in study of local lore. The most essential intellectual
attainments of historians in the field of local history are analyzed in the plane of radical
restructurings of the Russian historical science and carrying out complex analytics of
regional processes. The fundamental tendencies and determinants of this process come to
light, the most significant publications including generalizing works on history of VolgaKama edge are characterized. In all monographic researches the province role in destiny
of Russia is traced. The historiographic analysis of a regional locus is focused on creation
by scientists of complex and multiview image of history of the Kama region.
Authors come to a conclusion about the beginning of the new period in the history of
the local history movement connected with rehabilitation of traditional methods of an
istoriopisaniye, but on the new methodological basis with the purpose to save national
historiographic traditions and to try to break the barriers existing in science.
Scope of results. Results of research prove the model of development of historical
study of local lore at the present stage which assumes independent existence of a complex
of the local history researches constructed in a foreshortening of neoclassical
methodological model of socio-humanistic knowledge, and at the same time including
achievements of local researchers in the extending general field of domestic historical

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NAIL’ M. VALEEV – Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Dr (Philology), Professor.
IRINA V. KORNILOVA – Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University, Dr (History), Assosiate Professor.
TIMUR A. MAGSUMOV – International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research,
Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University, PhD (History), Assosiate Professor.[/restab]

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