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VALENTYNA V. BEZDRABKO. Hans Henrich Booms аnd Archival Appraisal

SERHII I. DEGTYAREV, VIOLETTA S. MOLCHANOVA. Unknown Documents of 1734 About Swedish Citizens Taken Into Serfdom

YAROSLAV M. ANTONIUK. “Dobosh Case”: the Biggest Failure of ZCH OUN Security Services in Resistance to KGB Apparatus

NUGZAR K. TER-OGANOV. The Geopolitical Origins of the Crimean War (1853-1856) and the Secret Russian-Iranian Negotiations

ANATOLIY V. GONCHARENKO, LYBOV G. POLYAKOVA. The Foreign Policy of the USA Towards the PRC During  Gerald Ford Presidency: 1974-1977

VITALIY V. KOROL. New Edition on Historical Urbanistics of Donbas [Review on the monograph: Labour, Exhaustion, and Success: company towns of Donbas / M. Ilchenko, K. Kuzina, V. Kulikov and others; edited by V. Kulikov and I. Sklokina. Lviv: FOP Shumylovych, 2018. 244 p.