“Death Match” and other team games “Start”: the historiography of the problem


  • Few people other than professional researchers know that the summer 1942 in Kiev command
    “Start” was played not one, but ten matches…
    The first shot of the occupied Kiev players reported war correspondent newspaper “Izvestia”
    Eugene Krieger. It is in the article “So auei in Kiev …” November 16, 1943 described the life of
    Kiev with Germans from eyewitnesses Dmitry Orlov. Devoted a few lines shot players.
    As a result, research revealed that the first time the phrase “death match” appeared in Kiev
    newspaper “Stalynskoe tribe”. It was printed kinopovest O. Borschahovskoho “Death Match”.
    Basics future legend of “death match” were laid immediately after the liberation of
    Kyiv from Nazi invaders. The first reports of the game “start” written on the basis of
    transfer of witnesses and without the use of sources, and therefore they have no historical
    significance. Some researchers believe that all those who wrote about the “death match”
    knew the truth but did not want her to write.
    In the 50”s – 60”s of the twentieth century first heard the name of the opposing team “startivtsiv”.
    A writer A. Kuznetsov even the first time he questioned the myth of “death match”.
    Since the late 90s were published sources that talk about the match command “Start”. Eventually
    it was counted and the number of matches found game scores debunked many of the legends
    associated with “startivtsyamy”. However, at present there is fairly complete edition, which would
    now collected all the documents and memories.

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