№ Х-ХІ, 2010

SHAYKAN Valeriy (Krivoy Rih) Preparation for World War II: ideological aspect

MYKHAILUTSA М.І. (Odessa) Financial losses of religious srines at Izmail region (1941-1945)

SHAYKAN Valentina (Krivoy Rih) Phenomena of Hitler occupation period in Ukraine: reasons for appearing

KOROL V.M. (Sumy) Data on casualties at the front by the content of German and Soviet propaganda (аccording to the information of the Sumy land’s editions of occupation and Soviet Information Bureau 1941-1943)

DUBYK M.H. (Kyiv) “War children”: some descriptions of the own destiny”

VOVK O.V. (Sumy) Red partisan motion in Ukraine and organs of NKVD-NKGB (1941-1944)

DEGTYAREV S.I. (Sumy) Descriptions sat Large and Small Sambor Sambor 1760

BEREZOVSKY O.M. (Kyiv) The Revolutionary Ukrainian Party in works of researchers of 1917-1920th years

STARIKOV H.M. (Kyiv) Alexander Ogloblin’s letters to Dmitriy Bagaley as the source for the history of the Commission on studying socio-economic history of Ukraine in the period of ХVІІІ-ХІХ centuries (1929-1934) activities

VLASENKO V.M., GLUSHAN O.V. (Kyiv) S.V.Borodaevsky’s work in the Ukrainian economic academy (strokes to the scientific and pedagogical biography)

BAZHAN O.H. (Kyiv) “Spies in the cassocks”: about the scale of political repressions among the clergymen and faithful people in Ukrainian SSR in 1937-1938

POBOZHIY S.I. (Sumy) “Passion for travelling round Malorossia villages” Recollections about Petro Levchenko as the material for the artist’s biography

DUBROVINSKY S.B. (Tashkent) The history of becoming and development of microbiology and epidemiology in Central Asia. An old epidemiologist, the professor A.D.Grekov’s (1873-1957) recollection

VASYLYEV K.K. (Odessa) The professor Samuil Borisovich Dubrovinsky’s (1885-1975) recollection about the microbiologist and epidemiologist A.D.Grekov

ZVAGELSKIY V.B. (Sumy) About the boundary earths in the southern east of Russ in second half XII cent.

KORNIENKO O.M. (Sumy) Some aspects of manning and mobilization the Sumy slobidskij cossak’s regiment in 2nd Half of the XVII-XVIII centuries

OSADCHY E.M. (Sumy) Sumy fortress in the middle of ХVII-XVIII centuries (monument studying aspect)

KRAVCHENKO O.М. (Chernihiv) Monasteries foundation during the Cossack period in the North-West of Slobozhanshchyna

SMYRNOV M.A. (Vinnitza) To the history of the borough of Brailov during the period of Pototskie counts’ possession (ХVІІІ – the beginning of ХІХ centuries)

SHEVCHUK B.L. (Zhitomir) Volyn official chamber as the executor of the 1830-1831 Polish uprising participants’ estates confiscation

HORDUNOVSKY O.M. (Cherkasy) World prices for grain exported from Ukraine in the ХІХ century

IVANUSHCHENKO Н.М. (Sumy) Olexandr Kovalenko: some traits of a political portrait

SAMSONOVA I.V. (Kyiv) Activities of civil executive committees in the sphere of culture, enlightenment, education and propaganda

GUMENIYK I.P. (Vinnitza) Combining family and school youth upbringing in 1920-1940s in the village of Vivsyaniki (Kozyatin district, Vinnitsa region)

PETRENKO I.D. (Kirovograd) Calculating the payment for workday units in Kirovograd region collective farms in 1946

VLASENKO V.M. (Kyiv) Povijest Ukrajine. Sazeta Ukrajine i ukrajinskog naroda od najstarijih vremena do Narancaste revolucije 2004. godine / Urednici: Duro Vidmarovic, Sergej Burda. Hrvatsko-Ukrajinsko drustvo. – Zagreb, 2009. – 380 s.

STARIKOV H.M. (Kyiv) Truthful Ukrainian heart. Olexandr Rybalko Compilers: Ihor Hyrych and Kateryna Rybalko Kyiv: Publishing House “Prostir”, 2010. – 832 p.


EDIT. On the occasion of the 55th jubilee of candidate of philological science, docent V.B.Zvyagel’s’ky

EDIT. Borys Kyrylovych Mygal’