№ IV-V, 2008

MATYASH I.B. (Kyiv) Dilling with a Periodization of the Ukrainian Archival Science

PAPAKIN G.V. (Kyiv) “Black Boards” as the Tool of the Soviet Genocide in Ukraine in 1932-1933

VLASENKO V.M. (Sumy) Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Sumy Area (to the 75th Anniversary of National Tragedy)

IVANUSHCHENKO G.M. (Sumy) Diagnoses about Death during Holodomor of 1932-1933 as a Source of Creation of Personal Databases

LOBKO N.V. (Sumy) Features of Use of Registration-Statistical Documents of the XVI – the Beginning of the XVIII Cent. at Carrying out of Genealogical Researches

SHCHERBAK M.G., SHCHERBAK N.M. (Kyiv) Archival Materials about Activity of Censure Institutions in Ukraine

SHIHNENKO I.M. (Kyiv) The Contribution of Olexandr Grushevsky in Development of Ukrainian Biographistic Studies of the First Third of the ХХ Cent.

VASILIEV K.K. (Sumy) Dmitry Dmitry Plyetnyov’s Archival Student Business (1871-1941)

TSETSIK YA.P. (Rivne) Lviv Process of OUN in 1936 in the Reception of “New Time” Newspaper

STARYKOV G.M. (Kyiv) To the M.M.Bakay’s Biography and Epistolary Haritage

POBOZHY S.I. (Sumy) “I Wait for You, Knowing Annual Your Arrival to Your Place”. Letters of Artist Konstantin Vlasovsky to Mykola Sumtsov

SMEKHOVA T.A., VLASENKO V.M. (Sumy) Correspondence of Ivan Mirny with Olexandr Oles’ (to the 130th Year from the Birthday of the Poet)

DEGTYAREV S.I. (Sumy) Materials on Genealogy of Lazarevsky, Gerasimovsky, Semenovy and Kolchevsky from Funds of State Archive of Sumy Region

PODOLYAKA N.S. (Sumy) The Master of a Book Engraving Gregory Srebrenitsky

PODOLYAKA N.S. (Sumy) The Bibliography of Publications about Life and Creative Activity of G.F.Srebrenitsky (1741-1779)

BORSHCHEVYCH V.T. (Rivne) Travelling Preacher Leontiy Grytsan and His Followers

KLYUEVА O.O. (Sumy) Mykola Danko. A Life on a Knife Blade (on Materials of the State Archive of Sumy Region)

KORNIYENKO O.M. (Sumy) The Antimoscow Excitements in Nedrigaylov in 1668 (on the Materials of Philaret Gumilevsky’s Archive of Zmyiv)

NESTERENKO V.A. (Sumy) Structure of Local Authorities in Sumy Area during Occupation (1941-1943)

VLASENKO V.M. (Sumy) Materials to History of the Ukrainian Historical Society. The Collection of Documents / Edited by Alla Atamanenko. – New-York-Ostroh: the Ukrainian Historical Society, Ostroh Academy National University, Institute of Research of the Ukrainian Diaspora, 2006. – 384 p. (Series: “Historical Sources”, v.II)

GLUSHAN E.V. (Kyiv) Regional Scientifically-Practical Conference “Holodomor in Sumy Area: History in a Context of a Modern Sight”

EDIT. Photodocumentary Exhibition “The Ukrainian Insurgent Army: the History of Unbowed”