№ VI-VII, 2009

PAPAKIN H.V. (Kyiv) The present day state of the legislative-normative base forarchivingdocuments: the archivist’s point of view

DEGTYAREV S.I. (Sumy) A little known source on the history of recruitment in Putivluyezd in 1780

STARYKOV H.M. (Kyiv) The materials for the biographies of Petro and Olexandra Yefymenko

SHYHNENKO I.M. (Kyiv) K.J.Novyk’s Fund at Archival science Institute of V.I.Vernads’ky Ukrainian National Library: documents structure and stuff

STAROVOYTENKO I.M. (Kyiv) Sources for the history of Ukrainian revolution: Serhiy Yefremov’s letters to Yevheniy Chykalenko. 1917

VLASENKO V.M. (Sumy) “I’m sure that the truth is above all” (from Olexander Oles’s correspondence with Paris weekly “Trident”)

DUBROVINSKY S.B. (Tashkent) About Leaders Of State Scientific Institute Of Public Health (SSIPH): Lev Alexandrovich Tarasevich (1869-1927), Pyotp Nikolaevich Diatroptov (1858-1934), Yevgeny Ivanovich Martsynovsky (1874-1934), Vladimir Alexandrovich Barykin (1879-1939)

VASYLYEV К.К. (Sumy) S.B.Dubrovinsky’s Recollection (1885-1975) Of Professors L.A.Tarasevych, P.N.Dyatroptov, E.I.Martsynovsky And V.A.Barykin

POKYDCHENKO L.A. (Sumy) From the history of parish-territorial division of Sumy region

POBOZHIY S.I. (Sumy) OlexiyKrasovskiy. Some materials on the artist’s biography

VLASENKO V.M. (Sumy) “Here came the new Carpathian Kruty” (devoted to the biography of the author of the memoirs “March Days of Carpathian Ukraine” VasylFilonovych)

IVANUSHCHENKO Н.М. (Sumy) Ukrainian renascence in Sumy region in 1917-1920: an attempt of documentary reproduction of events

VLASENKO S.I. (Kyiv) The state of the agrarian branch of economy in the military zone in Ukraine during the period of 1941/42 economic year

NESTERENKO V.A. (Sumy) Silkworm breeding during the period of German occupation (1941-1943)

VLASENKO V.M. (Sumy) Petr Nikolayevich Savitskiy (1895-1968): bibliography of the published works / the compiler and the author of the preface is Martin Beisswenger / The National Library of The Czech Republic. Slavic library. – Prague, 2008. – 111 p.

DEGTYAREV S.I. (Sumy) International scientific conference in Kyiv

LOBKO N.V. (Sumy) Round-table discussion on the topic “Kyiv University: the role of personality in the history of scientific schools development”

HONCHAROVA I.Y. (Sumy) Sumy Region State Archive chronicle: 2009

HLUSHAN O.V. (Sumy) Presentation of a new edition