№ XXII, 2014

DANYLENKO O.V. (Kyiv) Archive sources in research the history of international connections of Ukrainian SSR in 1920th
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KUDINOV D.V. (Kyiv) Memorial literature description of All-russian Peasant Union locations activity in Ukraine during the years of Russian revolution of 1905
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KHLYNINA T.P. (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia) Private locus: home and family in oral memoirs of eyewitnesses Great Patriotic War
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KRINKO E.F. (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia) Memories of children of war time (1941-1945): sources study
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BONDAR O.M. (Chernihiv) Chernihiv fortress in the second half of the 17th century
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KRAVCHENKO O.M. (Sumy) The Mykhaylyvsky Monastery of John Forerunner (Ioann Predtecha) in the middle of the XVII-XVIII cent.
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DEGTYAREV S.I. (Sumy) Pedagogical officials in the Ukrainian provinces of the first half of the XIX century: kinds of monetary maintenance, rewards and punishments
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MAYDEBURA O.P. (Kherson) Еstablishment of the medical radiobiology in the South of Ukraine
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STELNYKOVYCH S.V. (Kyiv) The administrative and territorial division of Zhytomyr General District (the second half of 1941 – the beginning of 1944)
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VLASENKO S.I. (Kyiv) The Steppe Raid of partisan’s cavalry unit (the documents of Central State Archive of Public Associations of Ukraine)
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MAKSIMOV K.N. (Elista, Russia) S.A.Kropachev, E.F.Krinko. Population of 1937-1945 in the USSR: scale and forms. Domestic historiography. – M.: ROSSPEN, 2012. – 350 p.
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