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The features of post-Soviet archival decommunisation in the context of the
restoration of state independence of Ukraine, decentralization, democratization of
information and archival systems, creating archival legislation, the formation of the National
Archival Fund, overcoming the peripheral and marginality. The author highlights of key
trends archival studies on ways of restructuring arhival research education, creation of
educational materials, upgrade human resource capacity archivists, increase scientific and
theoretical and methodological level of research, deepen their interdisciplinary relations,
national traditions in archival research, its transformation into Ukrainian.
Analyzes the activities leading arhival research cells, especially Ukrainian Research
Institute of Archives and Documentation, Academic Ukrainian Institute of Archeology and
Source Studies. M.S. Grushevsky, arhival research departments of national universities,
especially the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University. Theys considered key areas and topics
of research, their connection with the theory and practice to isolate bottlenecks and future
problems. They pay attention to the research and methodological activities of the central,
sectoral and regional state archives, introduction of achievements of science in practice
arhival research.
Author analyzed the nature and conceptual foundations of contemporary Ukrainian
archival his separation from Russian and Soviet, removal of ideological stereotypes
associated with the paradigm “Rusko measure” common archive and preserve the
environment under the aegis of Moscow. Considerable space is devoted to international
cooperation of archivists from Ukrainian, integration into European archival research
and archival space, his approach to the standards of the European Union and the world.[/restab]

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JAROSLAV S. KALAKURA – Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, doctor of historical sciences, professor.[/restab]

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