Foundations and principels of М. Drahomanov in the circle of community (1859-1875)


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This article can tell us about activity of Mykhailo Drahomanov during his studying in the University of St. Vladimir and after his graduation, particularly in community called “Hromada” (1859-1875 gg.). Attention is paid to the impact of his family and social surroundings on Mykhailo Dragomanov. In this article also reviews his participation in organizing Sunday schools and some pedagogical work. We can track his life in period from 1849, the beginning of Mikhail’s studying in the Hadiach district school, also in this article is considered his studying in the First Poltava gymnasium (1853), because there he has been starting his work in journalistic and editorial activity.The main part of researching is devoted to “Kyiv period”. Because this period of his life was the beginning of studying at University of Kiev, where Drahomanov showed himself as a scholar, teacher, active social, cultural and political activist. Family education, school, particularly high school history teacher Poltava O.Stroninym, Cyril and Methodius and political events in the nineteenth had huge influence on the development of Dragomanov as a social and cultural figure, formation his national identify and social position. Personality Drahomanov‘s personality was formed in difficult times, but dispite of such circumstances he loved Ukrainian nation and cultural traditions of the past. The first steps of social and cultural Dragomanov‘s activities related to the social and political life of Kyiv end of the 1850’s  –early 1860’s of the XIX century. Dragomanov’s active participation in Kyiv community‘s life was very important for him and influenced on his further social and educational activities. Mykhailo Drahomanov was the son of his generation and his views reflected struggles between idealist and materialist ideologies and different political directions. He was deeply convinced that gradual historical process, bringing Ukrainian historical right to their own language, culture and state. But also taking into account historical experience, Drahomanov believed that the fight for the Ukrainian national cultural renaissance is necessary, based not only on ethnic patriotism but also on progressiveness Russian and European cultures. As a public figure, Dragomanov belonged to the Ukrainian intelligentsia, which formed the basis of social, cultural and educational life. It’s also played an important role in the revival of national culture and its social activities significantly affected on the rising Ukranian‘s identify as a nation.[/restab]

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Drahomanov, domestic life, state, community, Sunday school, education.[/restab]

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