Activity and reorganization of Lviv professional units “development of mutual aid to members of printing case” and “successful company” in the middle of the ХІХ century


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The article attempts to analyze the situation in the union of Lviv printers, which led to reorganization and integration into a new professional organization. The Society of Mutual Aid to the Members of the Printing Industry has its origins since 1817, as for the mutual aid of printers. And on November 21, 1869, at the general meeting of the Association of Mutual Aid of Printers in Lviv as a separate structure the “SUCCESSFUL COMPANY” was created. This newly established organization had some state financial assistance, and therefore in 1871 the question of merging the two trade union structures into a single printing association was ripe. This issue was discussed at joint meetings up to 1875. Analyzing the activities of the Composition of Lviv typists, we can assert about its successful development since the early 70’s of the nineteenth century. On July 7, 1872, in the presence of the vice-president of Lviv, the state notary and about 60 present guests and trade union figures, solemnly announced and recorded the founding of the first trade union printing house in Lviv. This magnificent event was greeted by many professional organizations of the empire and abroad. A significant problem of the professional union of printers was the lack of basic medical support at the enterprises, besides widespread occupational diseases, occupational injuries became one of the important issues that needed to be resolved, and thus were violated at the meetings. With the doctor on behalf of the company, the chairman of the board should conclude an agreement on the amount of payment, duration and working conditions. It was planned to organize and conduct a scheduled random free medical examination of all members of the society of printing enterprises in Lviv, as well as urgent visits to the doctor to the challenges in various contingencies. The parallel existence of two professional printing companies in Lviv markedly sprayed out strengths, resources and potential opportunities. Therefore, on April 9, 1875, a joint meeting of the management of both societies took place at which it was decided to unite into one professional organization, to finalize and unify the new statute, which should be established by the statutory commission. The new structure was named “Postup”. We also emphasized the importance of the trade union organizations in protecting the economic interests of the workers of the region, the peculiarities of the development of professional movement in the conditions of the polyethnic society of Galicia in the middle of the ХІХ century.[/restab]

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trade union, mutual aid, workers, society, printers.[/restab]

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