Children’s care institution in the South of Ukraine in the coverage of periodicals (XIX – beginning of XX century)


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The article contains periodicals on the storage of source material, which highlights the problems of homelessness and neglect of children in the late XIX – early XX century in southern Ukraine. Research and development in this field allows us to enrich knowledge about the activities of public charity institutions during this period, the main groups record documents on the basis of their analysis to fill gaps in the history of child philanthropy. The focus of the researcher was numerous reports about societies. The periodical contains information mainly of a statistical nature and, on the whole, shows the internal atmosphere of the child care homes. Numerous stories of everyday life, rules, instructions illustrate the actions of local authorities in the sphere of custody of homeless and homeless children. An important role is played by the payment and participation in private guardians for children. This philanthropy resisted the growth of homelessness, raising the level of education and culture of the local population. The work draws the attention of the researcher to the number of different charitable institutions, the internal functioning of these institutions, the financing issues, the main occupation of prisoners. The author stated that the press is a large group of sources of the history of child homelessness in the region. This fact, on the one hand, is positive, as it provides broad information and negative, because some data are contradictory. The analysis of periodicals is not only a valuable historical source in the light of the content of homeless children in the south of Ukraine in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but also an interesting example of how philanthropy acquires its expansion into the non-state sphere. Сonsiderable range of diverse materials periodicals requires careful source analysis, primarily from the point of view of completeness of coverage and accuracy of data, which are available on their pages, and often were printed with the intentional purpose of demonstrating and providing color to certain facts.[/restab]

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periodicals, trusteeship, charity, orphanages, trustees.[/restab]

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