№ XXIV, 2015

BODNARIUK B.M. (Chernivtsi) Formation and development of the Byzantine literature within the late antiquity and early middle ages: source-historiographic aspect
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KUDINOV  D.V. (Sumy) Аnti-statists and Ukrainian peasantry in 1900s: the historiography of the issue
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DEREVINSKYI V.F. (Kyiv) Archiv alsources about V . Chornovil  that are stored in the central state archive of public organizations of Ukraine
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DEGTYAREV S.I. (Sumy) Topical issues of the history of civil officialdom in Ukraine at the end of the eighteenth – the firsthalf of the nineteenth centuries
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GERASKO M.A. (Baturyn) Dwelling as the life basis of Ukrainians
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DANYLENKO O.V. (Kyiv) Participation of Soviet Ukraine athletes in international competitions in 1920’s
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LARYSA ZARICZNIAK (Nottingham, United Kingdom) Friends, family and kinshipties in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army
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SARANOV S.V. (Luhansk) The Mediterranean policy of France: J.-B. Colbert (1619-1683)
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KHRYPUNOV G.S., KHRYPUNOVA  A.L. (Kharkiv) Historical background and analysis of photovoltaics in the 50-ies of XX centyry
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CHERKASOV A.A. (Sochi, Russia) Kudinov D.V. The peasant movement in Dnieper Ukraine in the period of 1900 – February 1917 years: historiography of the problem. Sumy: Ltd. “Papirus Company”, 2014. 352 p.
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